Complaint Statement to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights


Some civil society organisations, including the DCI vice-presidency for Latin America, have made an official complaint to the United Nations with regard to serious cases of violation of the right to life, personal integrity and torture of adolescents and young people in conflict with the law, in internment units CASE (Center for Socio-Educational Services) Abreu and Lima, CASE Cabo de Santo Agostinho and CASE Caruaru in the State of Pernambuco, Brazil. Institutional violence in these places has resulted in the death of some minors.

The statement requests concrete measures such as providing more information about the situation; eradicating the occurence of human rights violations in these centers; establishing a socio-educational system in the State of Pernambuco; ensuring an appropriate physical structure of the Units; ensuring funds for construction/renovations of Internment Units; creating a monitoring plan; closing gradually two internment units for adolescents in conflict with the law in the State, as well as prohibiting the entry of new inmates to these two units; creating a reporting mechanism for families, with the possibility to submit complaints without fear of reprisals.