Civil society organizations denounce and condemn the Colombian state for its criminal actions against peaceful citizen protests

We would like to express, as members of civil society organisations, our deepest repudiation and urge the international community to join this call for the absolute condemnation of the ongoing violent repression by the State of Colombia of peaceful citizen protests, resulting in the killing and disappearance of teenagers. 

We are equally concerned about their arbitrary detention in unsuitable establishments, such as stadiums and warehouses where they have been subject to torture, ill-treatment, cruel, degrading and humiliating treatment by law enforcement officers, individuals and paramilitary groups. We, the undersigned civil society organisations, call on the law enforcement, individuals and paramilitary groups to stop the repression of these peaceful protests, as well as the cruel, degrading and humiliating treatment against children.
The deaths, torture and serious injuries caused with premeditation, constitute crimes against humanity which have been condemned by the public and human rights organisations including the, undersigned civil society organisations. We are appealing for the activation of regional and international human rights mechanisms, as well as the public authorities of the State of Colombia, to immediately cease these brutal repressions, to investigate the human rights violations and to prosecute those responsible.
This criminal action against social protests violates the human rights protected by international treaties ratified by Colombia and enshrined in the National Constitution, . As a result, there is an obligation to ensure accountability and reparations for the victims and their families. We call for the adoption of measures to prevent future violent attacks against social activists, youth, journalists, , and other people, who have been executed in an extrajudicial manner during this period of protests, but also since the signing of the peace agreements of November 24, 2016.

Living in a democracy under the rule of law implies meaningful respect for human dignity, which is the direct responsibility of the State, at the local and national level.

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