Business and Human Rights Resource Center (BHRRC) spreads news of DCI work

The London based NGO, whose mission is “to encourage companies to respect human rights, by bringing information about their conduct to a global audience” published an article regarding a recent DCI side event in Geneva. The side event, “Business responsibility in advancing children’s rights for the elimination of child labour” held on June 4th this year, commemorated the World Day Against Child Labour. DCI, along with ECLT Foundation, Global March against Child Labour and Stop Child Labour Campaign, expressed its vision for the improvement of child rights across the globe.

The event focused on the advancement of child rights through social dialogue and dissemination of key declarations all containing recommendations for action directed to business, unions, governments and communities in support of Principle 5 of the UN Global Compact on Children’s Rights and Business Principles, which advocates for the effective abolition of child labour.

DCI is grateful for the publication of this article by BHHRC, because we believe dissemination of information is crucial in multilateral solutions of problems. The organization’s website,, receives hourly updates that track the “positive and negative impacts of over 5100 companies worldwide.” We encourage all DCI National sections to sign up for its weekly newsletter and send any news of child-labor related developments to BHHRC.