letter to UN SG co-signatories

Annual Report 2020 on Children and Armed Conflict – NGOs Joint Letter to Secretary-General António Guterres

New York, May 11th, 2020 – Defence for Children International, together with other non-governmental organizations working on alleviating humanitarian suffering and protecting human rights, addressed a letter to Secretary-General António Guterres, with regards to the upcoming Annual Report on Children and Armed conflict.

In this letter, the NGOs urge Secretary-General to ensure the publication of a complete list of perpetrators of grave violations that reflects data collected in the United Nations Monitoring Reporting Mechanism (MRM). We strongly support UN Security Council Resolution 1612 (2005) and subsequent resolutions on children and armed conflict. The MRM, the annual report, and its annex listings are a crucial foundation for the UN’s engagement with parties to the conflict, to secure concrete commitments through UN action plans. These mechanisms have a proven power to influence warring parties’ behavior and promote accountability and compliance with international law.


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