The Advocacy Committee

As an international human rights organisation, Defence for Children International works to raise awareness about child rights violations and pressure governments and stakeholders at regional and international levels to take action to implement international child rights standards.

Since the inception of the DCI movement, advocacy work has played a prominent role in DCI’s efforts to promote and protect the rights of the child.

The overall goal of international advocacy at DCI is to improve the situation of children and young people by responding to the emerging challenges that directly or indirectly threaten or violate their civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights.

The DCI Advocacy Committee is responsible for overseeing the implementation of DCI’s advocacy goals and objectives.

As the monitoring body designated to develop and approve DCI’s approach to international advocacy, the mandate of the Advocacy Committee is:

•    To develop and approve the unified ‘voice’ used to represent the ‘DCI movement’
•    To serve as a platform to which DCI bodies can bring issues of national concern to an international forum;

For more information about the work of the Advocacy Committee, please contact:

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