Actions of Child Justice Systems aimed to face the COVID-19 in Latin America

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a challenging context for Justice Systems around the world, particularly for the Criminal Justice Systems for children in conflict with the law. In critical times like these, the operators involved are required to share truthful and effective information about the protective measures and prevention protocols for children that have been established within detention centres. The implementation of such responses is critical for the exchange of good practices and feedback from the system itself.

Along with other civil society organisations, Defence for Children International (DCI – Americas) has prepared two surveys: one dedicated to the workers of detention centres for minors (directors, psychologists, social workers and educators), available here in Spanish, and one addressed to the authorities operating in the Juvenile Criminal Justice System (prosecutors, judges, public defenders and lawyers specialised in juvenile justice/juvenile criminal justice), available in Spanish here.

Both surveys will be open until June 15th.

This initiative was developed collectively with ILANUD, the International Centre for Human Rights at Northwestern University, Juvenile Justice International and Fair Trials.

More info available in Spanish: Press release – Surveys

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