The information below refers to the financial situation of the International Secretariat based in Geneva for 2015. National sections of Defence for Children and associated members are not included as they are financially and administratively independent from the International Secretariat. Detailed information can be found in our 2015 annual report.

Some details:

Our accounting is established in accordance with Swiss GAAP RPC, the Swiss code of obligations, and the statutes of the organisation. The annual financial statements provide a picture corresponding to the true assets, finances and results situation. The accounting year covers the period from January 1st to December 31st 2015. Accounting is established in Swiss Francs. During the year the operations in foreign currencies are converted to Swiss Francs at the rate valid during the time of transaction. At the end of the year, assets and liabilities in foreign currencies are converted to Swiss Francs. Our accounts have been controlled and audited by the Trust Company Wuarin & Chatton Fiduciaire. A copy of the complete financial report, showing financial statements, variation in capital statements and appendixes is available at our offices. An independent consultant enters the accounts every year and these are then approved by the International Executive Council of DCI in between International General Assemblies (taking place every four years). To view the auditor’s statement, click here

Partners and Sponsors:

The International Secretariat of Defence for Children International is grateful to its partners and sponsors for their support to realize its work for the rights of children. Click here to see all Partners and Sponsors.