A report on Non-Violent Juvenile Justice systems was released by the International NGO Council on Violence against Children (InCo) on 16 October in New York

CRIN InCo Report 2013 Cover Page

This comprehensive report focuses on the improvement of juvenile justice standards across the globe, offering historical background of human rights, especially children’s rights.

The report is grounded in factual evidence from many case studies, describing acts committed against children in nearly all stages of the justice system. It states, “Despite long-standing international recognition of children’s right to be protected from all forms of violence, children in conflict with the law continue to face acts of aggression and abuse at every stage of their involvement with the justice system.” Ultimately, it concludes with recommendations to children’s rights advocates, national governments, and international/regional bodies. The report will serve as reference material for all bodies who strive to improve juvenile justice across the world.

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