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A Mega child prison to be built in the UK

A Mega child prison to be built in the UK



This is the crazy proposal of the British government, which wants to build a « secure college » for young offenders, with a capacity of 320.

Members of the British government proposed to create a new center for young delinquents, which they call “secure college”.

Nick Clegg (Deputy prime Minister) and Chris Grayling (Secretary of State for Justice) propose to put together up to 320 young offenders aged between 12 and 17, and lock them up in a center called “secure college”. This school would actually be one of the biggest child prisons for children in Europe. (That they renamed this place “secure college”, “rehabilitation center” or “closed educational center” does not change the incarceration and the confinement). This “secure college” would have at its head a head teacher or a principal instead of a prison manager, only difference between this institution and a regular prison.

Everybody knows that a child’s place is not behind bars. Prisons for children are known to be dangerous and violent, do not promote rehabilitation and ultimately threaten public safety because youth who were placed there leave even more dangerous than when they entered the center.   

The Howard League for Penal Reform (charity founded in 1866, working for less crime, safer communities and fewer people in prison) denounces the huge project that is clearly against international principles and recommendations on juvenile justice and treatment of children and youth who have committed crimes.

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