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3rd Global Conference on Child Labour held in Brasilia, Brazil

From October 8th to the 10th, members of government, workers, employers, civil society, regional and international organizations came together during the third Global Conference on Child Labour to discuss the progress made on The Hague Roadmap. The Roadmap, designed in 2010, expressed the goals of eliminating child labour, especially its worst forms, by 2016. Child labour, a major problem in many countries, is a great concern of Defence for Children International. The conference was organized with dialogue as a goal, and offered four separate rooms in which the following aspects of the Roadmap were discussed: education and training, national legislation and enforcement, labour market policies, and social protection.
DCI commends the work of the ILO, as well as the Brazilian government, for hosting this important and constructive conference to combat the injustices of child labor.
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