New COVID 4P App

Defense for Children international is eager to be a partner of the international project “COVID 4P Log“. Together with the COVID-19 4P Log Team we have developed the COVID 4P Log, which is an international smartphone app, created to record practitioners’ and policymakers’ experiences of supporting children’s rights and wellbeing throughout this pandemic, by asking a daily question over 8 weeks. The App is now available for both Android and Apple users.

Regular thematic Learning Reports are informed by the data collected and used to prompt policy and practice change. Moreover, the App will capture evidence at a significant time for children’s well-being globally, as we enter into a new period of swift adaptation and change to policies, services and practices.

Why a Mobile App? to capture these experiences in ‘live’ time, as well as explore the depth of people’s experiences of supporting children’s rights and wellbeing over the past several months, around the world.

We know that the pandemic will have a disproportionate impact on children, and we’re really pleased to work together to make sure children’s rights and their wellbeing are prioritised in the face of the many pandemic responses